Privacy Policy

Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (hereinafter referred to as the Organization) attach great importance to the personal information of users, and is doing its utmost to ensure the protection of rights and interest, and personal information of users, as well as compliance to applicable laws and regulations on personal information including the Personal Information Protection Act.

The Organization’s Privacy Policy may require modification due to revision in the government’s laws and guidelines, the Organization’s internal policies or to provide enhanced services to users. In case of modification, the change will be announced to the users via the Organization’s homepage. Hence, we encourage users to check when visiting our website.

1. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information
The Organization uses collected personal information for purposes written below. The personal information users provide will not be used for reasons not listed below, and if purposes need to be changed, consent will be asked in advance.

- Utilization of consent for support of the DPCW

2. Items of Personal Information Collected and Collection Method
The Organization collects the personal information required to provide its services to users.

- Name, e-mail address, and nationality

(b) Personal Information Collection Method
Collecting through forms on the homepage

3. Measures to Secure Personal Information Safety
The Organization is implementing the following technical/management, and physical measures to secure safety in regards to handling users’ personal information.

(a) Technical Measures in Preparation against Events like hacking
The Organization has installed a security program and conducts periodic renewal and inspection to prevent damage and leakage of personal information from events such as hacking or infection from computer viruses. The system is installed at a location with external access restricted, and technical/physical monitoring and prevention efforts are made against events such as hacking or infection from computer viruses.

(b) Restriction on Access to Personal Information and Employee Training
The Organization is implementing measures for management by minimizing the access to handle users’ personal information to the person-in-charge, carrying out periodic training on the duty to protect personal information, and assigning a separate account and authority, among others. Furthermore, access to the information is possible only through an approved PC, and the log on access, inquiry, and handling is recorded and archived.

4. Denial of Consent and its Disadvantageous Results
As the information subject, a user may refuse to consent to the collection and use of personal information. Without consent, the user will not be able to supporting signature.

5. Person-in-charge of Personal Information Protection
The Organization designated a person-in-charge of personal information protection as written below for the person to oversee and assume responsibility for handling personal information and to address grievances and damage relief, etc. of information subjects.
▶ Person-in-charge of Personal Information Protection
Name of Department: Department of Information and Communication
Position: HQ General Director
Email Address:

6. Privacy Policy Modification
The Privacy Policy takes effect upon the date of enforcement, and when addition, deletion, or correction to the Privacy Policy is needed due to revision in the government’s laws and guidelines, the Organization’s internal policies, or to provide enhanced services to users, such modification will be announced seven days prior to the enforcement of the modified version.